My favorite photo: the moment they realize he won.


She introduced him as “THE ONE”



3 comments on “Elections


    Just like the rest of the country, I am fed up with the political process in DC. People are tired of the political wrangling by our elected representatives. What ever happened to majority rule? Why is it the ruling party is not allowed to govern. People are suffering without jobs or underemployment; foreclosures, etc I don’t need to go over the list. Yet Republicans insist on holding the President and country hostage to their party’s political point of view. Whats the point of having an election if one party refuse to loose. We had a booming economy under the Clinton administration, 22 million jobs, low unemployment, low foreclosures, rising incomes for the middle class, businesses were earning record profits, poverty was at its lowest, and the “American dream was in sight for everyone. WHAT HAPPEN?

    Our decline started, when the republican party stole the 2000 general election from Al Gore. Coincidently, the same state where the winning candidate’s brother was the governor. They took a 280 billion surplus and turned it into ten trillion deficit in 8 years. They deregulated wall street, they allowed the largest terrorist attack in history on their watch. Instead of going after the terrorist who attacked us, they launched an unprovoked attack on an independent sovereign nation based on false, cherry picked information, in a rush to war. It destroyed the lives of 4000 service men and their families, with 30,000 maimed and almost 30,000 had to seek help from the suicide hotline. God alone knows how many Iraqis were killed in the process.

    The new President was greeted in office with a record number of unprecedented crisis. The banking industry was on the verge of collapse, the real-estate bubble imploded, rising unemployment, rising poverty rates, the automobile industry was on the verge of bankruptcy, with a ten trillion deficit. What was the response to the new president by republicans? They openly wished he fail. They did not want him to prevent the banks and automobile industry from collapse, or to continue unemployment insurance payments. They wanted him to cut spending to add job lost from the public sector. They wanted no new rules for wall street, they rejected health care reform for the second time in sixteen years and all other legislation the new administration supported. In other words they not only wish Obama fails, they were committed to making sure he did not succeed. According to the senate minority leader, and by extension the entire republican establishment, their number one goal is make President Obama a one term President. Not help fix the economy not work with the President to create jobs, but to limit any possibility of success.

    2012 is shaping up to be the nastiest election year in the history of America. Republican governors across the United States are rewriting voting rules and limiting access to the ballot box. Where in the constitution does it say one man one vote with a specific state ID card? Republicans have now become the greatest threat to democracy in the United States, ahead of the Taliban and Al-Qadia. Just like they did in the 2000 general election, they are going to steal Obama’s second term. Please let your voices be heard. Be prepared to do whatever it takes to make sure your right to vote is preserved. If you want the President to be reelected, we as African descendants cannot sit back and twiddle our thumbs. We have to get out and help make those calls, put up the signs, stuff some envelopes, volunteer at the OFA centers. In other words, we can’t just say we support the President, we have to work to help him get reelected. We must donate, irregardless of how small your offering, when we put it all together, it will help.

    By Patrick R. Tull AKA Obamican
    Tweet @obamican
    Blog http://www.botheone.wordpress.com

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