After eight years of unblemished service Barack H. Obama term in office comes to an end.


May God help America.

This blog is a celebration of the life, legacy, and accomplishments of the 44th President of The United States.  After 233 years and several general elections, the first African Descendant proved to the world, that nothing is impossible.  Barack H. Obama became the 44th President against all odds.  They never saw him coming.  Conservatives tried everything to undermine his candidacy with outright lies, distortions, fear mongering, and race baiting.  But, the brother handled the pressure with poise, class and divine grace.

Never before has any President entered the White house with so many problems at one time.  Instead of helping to restore the country after a disastrous eight years of republican rule, where we saw our economy crumble; banking industry failing; auto industry on the verge of collapse; millions losing their homes to foreclosure; millions lost their jobs; the stock market down 5000 points; a 280 billion surplus turned into a 10 trillion deficit; millions of Americans losing their life savings; a tax cut in the midst of two wars;  you would think the republicans would do everything in their power to make things right, Right?  Instead, they blocked, filibustered, obstruct, and tried to undermine everything the President wanted to do.  In other words their objective was to do everything in their power, to sabotage the new President.

Apparently, his opponents expected him to wave a magic wand and make all of our problems go away.  They immediately started attacking him from all fronts.  A protest movement was organized and well funded by wealthy right-wing Republicans called the “tea party.”  Everything he did was measured in terms of cost to the taxpayers.  If they had their way, the President would not be allowed to go to the bathroom.

You see, white supremacy had a vested interest in making sure he failed.  Because the white race have brainwashed themselves into believing that they, were superior.  Hence, African descendants were inferior, not qualified, lazy, dangerous, violent, etc. etc.  How would it look if they allowed the first black President to succeed.  They needed to make an example of him.  But instead, the farce that is white supremacy was exposed.  Membership in hate groups skyrocketed across the country.  Threats on the life of the president reached a record high.

But, he rallied with poise, class, dignity and decorum.  I am so proud of the first African-American President of the United States.  Despite all of the hate, insults, contempt and blatant disrespect showed to Barack Obama and his family, he did an awesome job. America is better off today in every category, than it was when he took office.  His approval rating is above average.  History will judge him well.

Thank you Mr President for restoring our economy, saving jobs, for your grace, elegance, and dignity.  Your family has set a standard in the White House that will be difficult to emulate.  You represented us well, and made us proud to be black again.  May God continue to bless, guide, and protect you and your beautiful family.  Enjoy your retirement.

“YES WE CAN” Yes he did.



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The Presidential Announcement

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